Romanian Music (english)

Amadeus – The piano
A four-girls band, that sings re-orchestrated classical music.

Phoenix – Andri Popa
One of the oldest Romanian rock bands

Mircea Rusu Band – Iarba verde de acasa (Home’s green grass)
This is a typical etno Romanina song. The Band word in the name of the band, is actually the city where Mirecea Rusu lives,and has nothing to do with the thing that they are a band.

Various artists – Omul bun si pomul copt
Romanian folk, really nice.

DJ Project – Before I Sleep
A modern Romanian band, which imposed its music on the international marked. They are from Timisoara, the capital city of Banat. Their debut was in 2000 in Romania, and in 2002 on the international market.

… and the Romanian version

DJ Project – Your world
This is their first international hit.

… and the Romanian version

Akcent – King of disco
These guys are cute, in my opinion better to hear (but don’t listen to the words, just the music) than to see. They started in 2001 (I guess), and in 2006 had two hits on the international market.

Akcent – Kylie

… and the Romanian version

DJ Project – Doua anotimpuri (two seasons)

Sistem – Never
This is a very interesting band. They sing at barrels, actually used them as drums. They alsouse several tools to sing. You might have seen them at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006.

Sistem – Emotii (emotions)

Holograf – Fara ea (without her)
This is an old Romanian band, just listen to them, you will love their songs.

Holograf – Sa nu-mi iei niciodata dragostea (never take my love away)

Iris – Floare de iris
The rock godfathers of Romania, if you like Rock, you like Iris. They sing for 30 yaers now.

Laura Stoica – Un actor grabit (an actor in a hurry)
She is a symbol of romanian soft-rock, sadly she died in 2006 in a car accident.


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